Bitter is the New Blog Post


I've thought about this little blog a lot over the past 11 days.

(NONE of you scolded me for not posting, by the way. What am I going to do with you guys?)

I just had no motivation to write.

There were times when I was busy, sure - but probably more times when I was not.  More than ever, this past week and a half, I have been less than busy.  I have come home and not done more work.

I went home to LA.

I celebrated my best friend's graduation from USC.

I saw Wicked (for the second time!) and, oh my goodness!, it was just as glorious as the first.

I watched 27 Dresses (pretty darn adorable).

And I even took a day off!  But I didn't write in this blog...

I may or may not have gotten a little critical of myself lately.  I feel that I might be suffering from a chronic case of Blogger's Block and when I read all of your fabulous blogs in my Google Reader every day (or 15-17 times throughout the day), I feel that my blog posts pale in comparison and so...well...what's the point of even putting them up?

Gawd, depressing right?

But it's been fun as well.  It's been all kinds of wonderful to come home and not force myself to do anything - work, blog, eat healthy, exercise...oh wait, I never force myself to do those last two anyway :)

But I've missed you guys - and some of you write me the sweetest comments, even when I haven't written anything in days.  Plus, the whole lot of you entertain me to no end every single day, so hopefully I can do a little bit of the same for each of you every once in awhile.

ANYWAYS - there is one thing in particular that encouraged me to get back on the blog horse...
As some of you may know, I LOVE Jen Lancaster (author of Bitter is the New Black; Bright Lights, Big Ass; and Such a Pretty Fat).  Well, the lovely Ms. Lancaster has been on a book tour promoting her most recent book (Pretty Fat) and I have waited patiently until the day she finally made it to San Francisco - TODAY.

Turns out she was at one of my favorite bookstores in the Marina (Books, Inc., if you must know).

Unfortunately for me (Jen Lancaster's biggest fan), parking in the Marina is a bitch - meaning even though I arrived on time, I was half an hour late actually getting into the bookstore and missed what I am sure were oodles and oodles of sharp witticisms.

It mattered not, for I was witness to the entire Q&A section of her appearance and got all three of my (her) books signed by her, plus this lovely memento:

Anyways - actually meeting Jen reminded me of how much I love writing and blogging and conversing (even electronically!) with all of you!  So here I am, back (again!), refreshed and revitalized by my glimpse into the celebrity writers world.

I've missed you (again!).


Betsey Booms said...

I was shocked to see you come up in reader... but all I can say is yayyyyyy!

Paige Jennifer said...

Sometimes the space away is what you need to want to come back. Yippee to coming back!

freeandflawed said...

I love Jen Lancaster. She's my hero in polka dots. I met her at the Chicago signing, but of course, didn't even remember to take a picture with her. Damn!