A Blogger Story


What is wrong with me?

This is the last full week of April and it is only my fifth post of the month. I used to be so good at this!

Honestly, I just feel worn the fuck out at work. Sometimes its satisfying and I feel responsible for a lot of important things which I actually get done and do well. Other times, I feel like I'm given a bunch of busy intern-like bitch work, because...well, I used to be the intern.

Either way, I'm tired.

Yesterday this lovely young lady left a comment on my TwentySomethingBloggers page - something to the effect of "Your picture is gorgeous..." There was, of course, more to the comment than that, but that was certainly the most memorable part to me, especially considering I was having one of those days where I felt less than stellar-looking.

Because her comment upped my spirits so much, I decided to check out her TwentySomethingBloggers page/blog and found that we have a lot in common!

To begin with she lives in San Francisco and used to live in New York (alas, a city I have never lived in, but one that I have very recently fallen in love with). She is close to my age, she recently bought a Nissan Altima (only my favorite car ever and the one I also own) and she happens to have my dream job.

Obviously, I fell in love with her a little bit.

It could be weird that I am blogging about this before I have even responded to her, but I think she'll understand. After all, she is a San Francisco-lovin', Altima-drivin', twentysomething AND she happened to have that uncanny girl intuition that told her I really, really, really needed to get a nice compliment from a random stranger yesterday.

Oh and you can check out her blog here: Camels & Chocolate. Go tell her how gorgeous she is!


Camels & Chocolate said...

You are too sweet! I'm sorry to hear you were having a bad day, but glad I could brighten it in some small way. Seriously, you and Chelsea (of Chelsea Talks Smack) have the most stunning photos. I need to get some more taken for mug shots to go with some of my assignments, and now I'm really wishing I looked like the two of you! If you ever need to give away just a small bit of your beauty, I'm your girl =)

And blog hiatuses are totally justified. I feel that some weeks/months, I have enough fodder for daily blogs, though I try to keep it spaced out every two or three days, and sometimes I can't even muster up the energy for one post a week.

Oh, and I ADORE my Altima! Seriously, if she were a person, I would make sweet love to her (I don't think my boyfriend would mind much, do you?). And she was my first new car ever; the only other car I previously owned was a MOM-MOBILE Ford Taurus, so getting her was, to me, the equivalent of buying a Mercedes or Jaguar!

And and, we should totally meet up sometime. As odd as it may sound, some of my favorite people in San Francisco (NothingButBonfires.com, JemimaBlog.bom, MooseintheKitchen.com) have all been people I have met through my blog!

OK, this was more of a novel than a post comment. I'll stop now =)

Paige Jennifer said...

The blogosphere works in weird ways. Connections can be made, fondness blossoms and there's never the same hesitation found in real life. Odd and unsettling but insanely fun!

PS: You are beautiful!

Morgan said...

Loving your blog -- way cute!

Angela said...

Yikes. I read your last post about the girl repeatedly having abortions and videotaping the miscarriages. Even though I'm a prochoicer, that's probably the most disgusting, inhumane thing I've ever heard. I think her body will probably turn on her one day for taking all those drugs.

Anyway, first time here. I like your blog!

Maxie said...

it is hard getting back into the swing of things after you take a break, but don't worry... take your time!

and! your picture is gorgeous missy :-)