When did life get so goddamned busy? Being a grown-up is LAME.

Do you hear that, mom? As soon as I find myself back in LA, I am moving back into my room. I would like for you to please resume cooking me dinner, washing the dishes, doing my laundry, paying my bills and being the only one who wakes up early to go to work.

'Preciate it! Love ya!

But really, being an adult is not that bad. I actually kind of like some of it. Like tonight, for instance, I had to write a $1,000 check because rent is due tomorrow and I actually...kind of get a thrill out of it. I don't know, it's weird. I don't like giving away large sums of my hard-earned money, but it feels good to pay for "grown-up" things with money I worked hard to earn.

Ya know what I'm sayin'?

I know, I know. I am strange.

ANYWAYS, my whole point of ranting (and then recanting) on adulthood is that I never write in this blog anymore. Like seriously, I am the lamest blogger ever. I would probably not read my own blog, were it not my blog, because I post like every 1.5 weeks.

Not cool.

But seriously I blame this busy adult business! It's taking over my life and my precious time allotted for this blog!

So I am making a resolution!

I promise (resolute?) to write in this blog AT LEAST every other day.

I can't promise every day just yet, because that's just a little too overwhelming for me at this point. But, at the very least, I need to make the same commitment to this little bundle of love (and splendidness!) that I make for everything else.

Because it is that important to me. And so are you :)


And if I don't follow through, I want you to call me out on it! Because I don't do well with confrontation and if I feel like you guys are going to yell at me - well, I'll get my ass in gear.

And I'll know that you really want to read lil 'ol Splendid Really, so I'll feel all warm and fuzzy inside too.

Anyways, that's all I really had to say for tonight. Insightful, no?

I bet you're so excited that I'm back.



L.C. said...

I know I am!!! And, YOU may inspire me to get my ass on my blog! Well, we'll see.

Maxie said...

yay! Glad to have you back :-)

and i know what you mean about paying bills and stuff.. the first time I paid for my car taxes was the most grown up I've ever felt.

Katie B. said...

I just graduated and start my job on June 9th.

good to know that the good feelings of being grown up don't disappear right away!

I think that the day that I actually have $1000 in my bank account and be ABLE to write a check for that amount will be pretty fricking fantastic, no matter what I am writing that check for!