Once I'm Lucky, Twice I'm Good...Really. Damn. Good.


Oh hai.

I had a great meeting with the boss at work today.

I am reading a tech (the industry I work in, btw) book that I actually enjoy.

I am excelling at the work I do.

Life is good. I walked to the BART station today in the San Francisco sunshine, watching all the Financial District, investment banker twentysomethings checking their e-mail on their Blackberrys and felt so lucky to be where I'm at.

May I brag for a moment?

I graduated from college just one year ago. A lot of my peers went to graduate school and a lot of them went to...nowhere. I still see them on Facebook, of course, inviting me to random San Francisco/Berkeley/Walnut Creek/general Bay Area parties, but no company websites are added to their profiles, no invitations to join my network on LinkedIn.

I, on the other hand, have done a lot of shit in my first "adult" year and I was reminded of that today and it feels Really. Damn. Good.

Okay, that's enough of all of that. I've missed you all! How have you been? How was your Memorial Day Weekend?

Mine was fairly splendid.

My adorable, Earth-loving, very good friend (and Cute Boy's roommate), Carniverous Ryan, graduated from college and a small collection of my most favorite people in Northern California gathered to celebrate his accomplishment on Saturday. We spent the day at his parent's house in Novato, California (a beautiful little town on the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge), churning homemade ice cream (oh my dear sweet goodness, it was all kinds of delicious!) and playing badminton (at which I kicked some legitimate ass.)

Sunday I attended a block party on Maiden Lane in Union Square. It was ridiculously, freezing cold and the unlimited drinks Cute Boy shelled out the big bucks for tasted like ass, but it was all for charity (Hip to Help - check it out, yo!) and the music was some of the best live music I've seen this side of Santa Barbara.

Monday I did a whole lot of nothing, while also purchasing a faux, tiny diamond ring for myself that fits on my left middle finger (which is, indeed, slightly smaller than my right middle finger), conveniently near to my ring finger, thus already tricking several of the people who cross my path during a given week that I got engaged over the weekend.

Calm down, I did not.

The best part about my three-day weekend, however? Why that would have to be the fact that it feels like the work week just begun and tomorrow is already Thursday!


Fan-fucking-tastic. Every business week should be a mere four days long.

For now, I must get back to my tantalizing geeky-tech, Web 2.0 book (Once You're Lucky, Twice You're Good by Sarah Lacy, if you must know) and Living Lohan (oh my dear sweet infant baby Jesus, the show is so bad, yet so good!).

I leave you with my Question of the Day: Is white nail polish all the rage now? Seriously, I am seeing it everywhere. Who knew I didn't have to spend $7 on my newest bottle of Essie's Mademoiselle when I could just buy a bottle of White Out for $2.98 from the Office Depot down the street (aka the office supply closet...I kid, I kid)?

Okay, I lied. One more question, this time regarding my iPhone.

A little background for you: my boss purchased iPhones for everyone in the office when they came out on the market last June. At the time, I had Verizon (I miss you, dear sweet wonderful carrier!) and paid to switch over to AT&T (for whom I share no such love or loyalty) for my new toy.

Of course, the phone is pretty cool, but mostly because everyone else tells me it is.

I never use the phone as an iPod, instead continuing to use the Nano I've had for 2+ years.

And the camera is great, but so is the bee-yoo-tee-full, $500+ one mi madre just purchased for me for Christmas.

And finally, I have an itch for the new Blackberry - like a major itch. Like "I should probably look into getting some prescription cream to get it fixed" itch.

So here's my question...

Should I make the switch to the Blackberry when my contract is up? And IF I do, should I hightail it back to Verizon as well?

Thoughts? And I mean on the White-Out manicures AND the Blackberry, folks - spill it, please :)


Renee said...

I hope I'm half as successful as you are when I'm a year out of school. But then again, I like to stalk high school friends on facebook and remind myself that I graduated from a great college in four years and most of those kids have kids and have never spent an hour in a college classroom. So I'm doin' alright.

Camels & Chocolate said...

Some (and by some, I mean many) things:

1) I think I was more upset that I couldn't talk/cry my way out of this ticket/towing than I was anything else. Really, have I lost my charm, charisma, ability to get my way? Or have the police office realized that men are easily won over by young ladies and because of this, stuck all the butch police women in the ticket booths instead? A mystery, it is.

2) Congrats on all that you've accomplished! It is kind of gratifying when you see how your classmates are all still living with their parents, working meaningless jobs and hanging out with their high school friends still while you're out kicking ass and taking names, isn't it?

3) OK, now the iPhone. Is it really worth it? I, too, have Verizon, so I hesitated to get the iPhone because it meant giving up the number that I've had since I was 15 (a whole decade!). And I'm quite happy with my CrackBerry, though I'm shamelessly someone who likes to keep up with the Joneses, so I feel a little unhip not sporting the iPhone. The CrackBerry I have, though, isn't the new one (it's the World Edition that came out a year ago), so I can't advise you on the new model.

4) Memorial Day Weekend, you ask? FREEZING. Seriously, it pains me to know the rest of the world is celebrating summer while I'm bundled up in a sweater AND jacket. Oh. Well. I'll be doing a lot of Northern Cal travel this summer, so I suppose it will be 100+ degree everywhere else but here!

5) That is all. For now...

6) Oh! No, it's not. White nail polish. Hmmm, I'm all for French manis, but all over white doesn't do it for me. I tend to stick with clear on the fingers and some kind of summery OPI or Essie shad on the toes. Not that you asked (though you kinda did).

Atomic Number 26 said...

start using the iphone as an ipod. use the apps. you might find yourself thoroughly enjoying it, as an apple enthusiast myself- I hope you do. :-)