6 Months of Sweet Lovin'


To my five faithful readers, I apologize profusely for not posting yet today. My very existence has been nonstop busy-ness since I awoke this morn.

But I missed you guys. I really did.

Also, today is my 6 month-iversary with this guy I know so now that I am finally done working, I've gotta go get wasted with him. So romantic.

Happy 6 Month-iversary to Us!

This day fuckin' wore me out.  I'm almost too tired to go hit the sauce right now...almost.  

I promise to be better to you tomorrow.


Shar said...

I am NEVER too tired to hit the sauce.

Just so you know.

Maxie said...

Awww happy anniversary :-)

and I'm totally with shar... being too tired to drink? that does no exist in my world.