Merry Monday to You !!


So, in spite of being one of two people working today (my coworker being the other one), today has been a pretty splendid day!  In the spirit of my newest read, "To-Do List: From Buying Milk to Finding a Soul Mate, What Our Lists Reveal About Us" by Sasha Cagen, I am going to list for you the reasons why today has been so excellent:
  • The sun FINALLY came out, even though the gloomy morning was indicative of yesterday's stay-inside-and-read-all-day weather.
  • My mocs came !!
  • My boss sent me a particularly uplifting e-mail, informing me that I was "on fire!" with regards to all the hard work I've been doing lately.  Splendid, really.
  • The lovely and talented Jessica, from Cuppycake Designs, will be designing my newest blog template and I am beyond excited about that!!
  • I am planning my next visit home to Los Angeles, which is always something to look forward to...
  • My Boy is cute and loving and great to me  - today and EVERY day - even if he did hold my house keys hostage yesterday
  • Contrary to what you might think, since I am writing a blog post in the middle of the day, I am actually getting A LOT of work done today
  • My mom just texted me, I love that girl - she just makes me smile
  • Even when every other business is closed, Starbucks is still open to fill me with warm "vanilla latte w/ whip" goodness
Okay, now your turn to make a list (which by the way, is the March theme at NaBloPoMo, so this could come in handy later if you're participating in that) - make a list of all the tasks you've been putting off that will feel really good to get done!

Happy Monday :)


Michelle said...

One day, when I have children I am going to work my ARSE off to make sure they love me as much as you love your Mum. I have a shit-arse relationship with my Mum and never want to be the mother that the adult children don't want to hear from.

I think it's fantastic she has worked so hard on your relationship. I admire her for that!

Maxie said...

I need some now... but the closest one is 45 minutes away :-(

Jamie Lovely said...

yay! i love seeing what new designs Jess comes up with!

Pics of the mocs please!