Happy VD


That's what my Cute Boy said to me this morning.  Happy VD.  So romantic.

In other news, I am hesitant to discuss VD today because I've been under the impression these past few weeks that anyone who is not in a romantic relationship has a general "fuck VD" attitude towards VD and automatically has a "fuck you" attitude towards me for being in love.

Understandable.  Never really hated the holiday myself, considering my mom was always such a kickass valentine, but it does feel good to have my own sweetie-pie to lay some smooches on this year (especially since mom is all the way in LA), so I kind of understand the hostility.  Kind of.

So in the spirit of celebrating love and not showering everyone with vomit-inducing declarations of love for my Boy, following are some other things that make me feel all warm and fuzzy and pink and red inside:

My Family

This adorable personal website/blog I found last night.  The lovely Ms. Janet loves pink, macaroni & cheese and Friends which kind of makes me think I should lose the Cute Boy and ask her to be my Valentine...

My first blog commenter, Maxie.  It made my heart smile to wake up this morning and see a new comment on my blog (well, two new comments actually, but I accidentally rejected one - blimey.) 

Mr. Obama. And progress.

And finally, as the lovely Ms. Maxie reminded me, today is National Step Up 2 Day...

...and I love me some dancing in the streets.

So, in addition to my Cute Boy, there's so much to love today! Have a splendid VD, everyone <3


Jamie Lovely said...

Happy Valentine's Day!

I totally read that as pink macaroni and cheese. haha I don't know if I would think that is cute or just play wierd!

Maxie said...

Did you see Step Up 2 yet? I freakin loved it.

Thanks for the shout out on your blog!

I'm pretty sure we love all the same things...which is pretty freaky... I mean obama, step up 2, as you mentioned on my blog-- john krasinski, our mom's rock at valentines day...i'm sure the list could go on and on. LOL