Thank Goodness It's Friday


Last night was interesting.

For those of you who may have missed the announcement, yesterday was Stephen G.'s birthday.  We ate cake, drank beer and played pool and, best of all, Stephen said he had a great time so it was a pretty splendid night overall.

There were some not-so-great things that happened last night (and this morning!) too, but I'm not so sure I'll be sharing those with the blogosphere just yet.  While I admit I find the more personal and revealing blogs to be the most tittilating, I can't bring myself to share every little detail of my life just yet - especially if it involves someone else's life as well, who of course, made no such decision to start their own blog and chronicle their lives on the Internet.

So anyways last night was interesting, but splendid nonetheless.  Needless to say, I am ridiculously exhausted today. A little burnt out (to say the least)...

OH!  I almost forgot to share the good news with you all - I got paid today :)  It's such a glorious feeling to check your bank account online and see more than one figure in the balance column.  And then, my mom calls me and tells me that not only do I NOT owe the government money after taxes, but I am also getting a pretty hefty sum back from them in the next few weeks.  Such splendid news!  It almost makes me feel a little less exhausted...almost.

Oh and also, I have to be honest with you guys since I feel like we are all so close already -  I bought those mocs.  I couldn't help myself!  It was like a present to myself to make up for the night and the morning that I had.  But worry not, I paid my mom and the San Francisco Department of Parking and Traffic first.

Blime.  I already feel guilty having told you about my impulse buy.  I suppose I'll feel better when I have those sweet suede babies on my feet :)

Anyways, work beckons for now.  Hope you're all having a splendid Friday!


Jamie Lovely said...

Never feel guilty for buying yourself lovely things! You deserve it!

Maxie said...

Shopping is GREAT therapy. And it's way cheaper than going to a therapist... so i say spend away!