BlogHer '08


I am pondering attending BlogHer '08 in my lovely second home of San Francisco this July.

Has anyone ever been?  Thoughts? Is it worth the $248 (which I really can't afford anyway)?

And, most importantly, will any of your lovely faces be in attendance?

In other news, watch the clip below.  It never fails to make me laugh...and I love me some JT.



Jamie Lovely said...

I was contemplating it. I don't think my budget can afford another trip. :(

Paige Jennifer said...

So I use Sitemeter and it showed a visit via your blog. Hmm, who's this? Load, scan, smile, scan some more, post comment. Anyway thanks for the link.

And as for Blogher - GO! I went last year on a whim. Sure there were kinks, like the 2hr flight took 18hr and the audio blew out a few times and there weren't enough chairs in some discussions. But without question, it was an amazing experience. I mingled with Mama Likey (Not A Girl, Not a Wino) and Stacy (Jurgen Nation) and a bunch of other amazing bloggirls. If my grad school aspirations don't conflict, I'm definitely attending in July.

Slice of Pink said...

I might go to Blogher! It's just a hop, skip, and a jump from Davis!