The Almost Picture Perfect Sunday


Today had been a blissfully perfect Sunday up until a couple of minutes ago.  My Boy had to wake up early to go to work, but instead of making me get up and drive him, he just took my car and allowed me to keep sleeping until I finally got up around 11:30.  Even then, I didn't really get up but rather grabbed one of the books I just bought ("Baby Proof" by Emily Giffin) and proceeded to read the entire thing - that's right, the entire thing.  And today is not nearly as beautiful as yesterday, in fact, its downright cold (not that I would actually know, since I haven't been outside), gloomy and dark, so I don't feel bad at all having spent most of the day in bed.

So, after finishing my book, I get up and take a shower, expecting my Boy to be back anytime now.  I decide to make some Kraft Macaroni and Cheese (as that is the only thing that could make my Sunday any better), start boiling the water and realize I am out of milk.  So I call the Boy and I say, "Can you please pick up some milk on your way here?"  And I can tell from the sounds in the background that he has yet to even leave for my house as he rambles on to me the reasons why he probably won't be back at my house for several more hours.  No big deal; I am actually rather enjoying this day with myself, so I decide I will get the milk myself and we hang up.  Then I realize that the Boy has my car, which in turn means he has the keys to my car and thereby the keys to my house, meaning that even though I can easily walk across the street to get milk and can leave my front door unlocked, I have no way of leaving the main gate unlocked, as one of my unwaveringly douchebaggy neighbors will undoubtedly close it (and then later give me shit for having left it open).  I immediately tried to call the Boy back with the news that I could not, in fact, get milk without his presence (and more importantly, my keys), but of course he didn't answer this time.  So now, I sit here with my water still boiling (literally and figuratively) upset that my picture-perfect Sunday has been upset by the fact that I can't make my macaroni and cheese.

You don't have to tell me that I'm being irrational.  I know I am.  But it's a little frustrating when all I want is some damn milk and I can't get it because the Boy has my keys, is too busy to come back to my house and now, is not returning my phone call.  And really, deep down, I know that I could eat something else - even order in some pizza if I really wanted to; but unfortunately, now I do not want to.  The only thing in the world I want to eat right now is Kraft Macaroni and Cheese - with MILK!


Maxie said...

Did you read Something Borrowed and Something Blue first? I'm reading Something Blue right now.

Sorry the bf is being annoying... but I get where you're coming from on it. And everyone is allowed to be a little irrational every once and a while. For real.

Jamie Lovely said...

mac and cheese sounds so good right now.

JEMi said...

oh no, I totally get it

I hate needing milk. And I hate when it forces me out of my house on a nice day in.

and no keys? forget it. bah humbug. lol not being able to get the milk would make me want my mac and cheese that much more :)

Shar said...

I just wanted to stop by and thank you for adding me to your blog roll.

I feel loved!