A Story in [My] Humility and 1-10 of My “100 Things About Me”


God, sometimes I am amazed at my own self-discipline.

And also my own humility (do I have to tell you to please note the sarcasm? well, please do). It’s becoming increasingly apparent that I’m the least self-deprecating blogger in the blogosphere. Worry not, I’m still a baby blogger and not entirely comfortable sharing my inevitable, varied and multitudinous flaws with you just yet. (NOTE: I’m not trying to show off; I actually use the word “multitudinous” in day-to-day conversation.)

(Okay, that was a lie.)

Back to my self-discipline. First of all, I took a nap when I got home from work. As a general disclaimer for this and future posts, I love sleep. Maybe it’s normal, maybe it’s not. It seems a little excessive to me (and most other people). My naps are usually at least three hours in length and sometimes (actually, often) turn into all-night napathons. So the fact that I actually woke up from my nap and then got up and stayed up is nothing short of extraordinary – and Exhibit A in the case of my self-discipline.

Exhibit B would be the fact that I wanted to write a post about my self-discipline as soon as I got my lazy ass out of bed, but instead I caught up on general assignments/my schedule for work tomorrow. And thank god I did, as I might have very well (i.e. definitely would have) forgotten that I have to be on a conference call at 8 tomorrow morning.


Thank god I took a nap.

In other news, I am fairly certain I will be jumping on the “100 Things About Me” blog bandwagon shortly. I don’t know. I’m still thinking about it. I’m not entirely sure I could come up with 100 unique, interesting facts about me.

Here’s 10:

1. I was born in Long Beach, California; raised in Los Angeles, California; went to college in Berkeley, California and now reside in sunny (I wish) San Francisco.

2. My parents split up when I was a year old. Haven’t seen my pops since. I do know, however, that I have an older, half brother on my dad’s side, whom I just recently tried to Google. I actually found a picture of him – but that’s another blog post for another day.

3. I am 23 years old and I work for a boutique PR firm in the mobile technology/wireless/Web 2.0 industries as a PR consultant. My actual title is “PR Rockstar”. No joke. Check the business card.

I am starting to realize these would be easier if I listed one simple fact, instead of making each one a little story with a lot of interconnected facts. Oh well. Don’t care.

4. I love cream soda. Seriously, I adore it. I could (and try to) drink it all day, every day, for the rest of my existence. It is always my non-alcoholic libation of choice.

5. I have naturally curly hair. Think “Sister, Sister” twins curly, but not so tight and wound up. And keep imagining my curls in your head, because you’ll never see them. 99.7% of the time, I straighten that shit. I have no such time for the nonsense and uncooperativeness my curls plagued me with for twenty-one long years.

6. I love my mom. That should be #1, but I just thought about it right now, because if you’ve been reading my blogs at all, that should be really obvious. That woman is the shit. In the words of Boyz II Men, loving her is like food to my soul.

7. I have an iPhone. I’ve had one since the day they came out AND my boss bought it for me (and the rest of the office – don’t get any ideas!). It’s one of the many - and I’m stretching the use of the word “many” – perks of working in the mobile industry.

8. I am currently taking an Italian class. Cute Boy is taking it with me (he is actually Italian; I just want to live in Italy). I skipped class for the first time last night. I love the class, but sometimes the last thing I want to do when I get off work is go sit in a classroom for three and a half hours. For a little Italian culture, Cute Boy and I went to a vino bar and got toasted instead.

9. I love Friends. The television show. The one that went off the air five years ago. To this day when someone (or a Myspace survey) asks what my favorite television show is, I will say “Friends” – even though a new episode hasn’t aired in five years. I have every season on DVD, I can quote episodes line-for-line (as they’re playing, not off the top of my head; I’m not that good), and every situation I seem to find myself in elicits this response: “This reminds me of a Friends episode.” And it really does.

10. I do actually have baby fever right now. Not the kind where I actually want my own baby, but the kind where I love playing with other people’s tots A LOT, but still enjoy giving them back when they cry/poop/slobber directly into my mouth. But honestly, I’ve been comin’ down with that fever all my life, so Cute Boy needs to just chill the fuck out on that front.

That wasn’t too hard. I suppose talking about myself rarely is. I’ll add more soon, I pinky promise.

That’s all she wrote for tonight.


Maxie said...

I love love love Friends too. I still watch it every time there's a repeat on TBS.

Shar said...

First off, you are super cute.

Second, I word for a boutique branding firm. So I feel that we have something in common. Previously I worked for a boutique aviation law firm.

I just like boutique's and using the word too many times as well.