The Big Apple


While Miss Jenna is out and about rubbing elbows with all kinds of important business people in NYC for a few days, she asked me if I'd like to share some of my infinite wisdom with you all. Of course, by infinite wisdom, I mean inane ramblings.

I'm Jamie. I write over at Oh! How Lovely! It's a big mash of bad reality television, more puppy pictures than one can handle and just some all around rants and whinyness, just like every blog should be.

Anyway, I'm really hoping Jenna is having better weather in NY, than I am having here in Chicago. March 21st and we have snow. Snow! Last week, we have gorgeous 50 degree weather and now we are getting 9 inches of snow. I just don't think that is fair!

I, myself, have never been to New York. The closest I have been is the New York New York Hotel and casino and um, pretty sure that's not the same thing even if the casino is Central Park themed. A friend of mine is from New York and is moving back there this summer, so I will hopefully have the opportunity to go hang out for a few days. I know Jenna probably doesn't have time to live it up in the Big Apple since she is there for work, but here are things she should do if she gets the chance.

These are things I would totally do (and will do) if I were there!

First, I would hit up the Met. I love museums, The Field here in Chicago is my favorite. Walk around and just take in all the beautiful artwork. Right now, they have a exhibition called blog.mode: addressing fashion. How cool is that? Two of my favorite things - fashion and blogging. The Met isn't just a Gossip Girl hang out, there is actually stuff inside it.

Art makes me hungry. How about you? Okay, it really doesn't make me hungry, but I suspect I would be after all that walking around. I think some New York style pizza would hit the spot. Chicago is known for it's deep dish pizza, but I'm more of a thin crust kind of girl. I think New York and I would get along very well!

After eating all that pizza, I'd need to work it off. What better way to work off some calories than walking around and shopping! I'm sure the NYC boutique workers' eyes would flash money bags when they see me. The shopping in NY is like no other. I am most definitely one that will buy something if I want it, as long as I have the cash. I wouldn't mind eating ramen for weeks I had a new Miu Miu bag on my arm! On second thought, New York might not be the best place for me to visit. My bank account would hate me. I suppose I could walk it off with a stroll though Central Park, but I doubt I would look as pretty after since I won't have any fabulous new stuff.

Of course, I'd have to do Broadway. Maybe the Lion King? Or Little Mermaid. Or skip Disney...duh, RENT before it closes.

I'd also probably have to time my trip to coincide with Fashion Week. I would love to go to Fashion Week, sneak my way in to a show, maybe catch a glimpse of some fabulous designers! That would be the best thing ever.

I think I said "New York" or variations of if, more in the entry than I ever have in my entire life. But there you have it, New York done the Oh! How Lovely! way. Kind of touristy, but always fabulous.

Anything I left out?


Samantha said...

My dearest Jamie,
Do not forget about MOMA! Add that to the list of your museum visits while in NYC.

Also, I saw Rent in NYC in 99, I do believe. Worth it, so worth it!


Maxie said...

Grease was really good! and if you go this summer you could see mario lopez in chorusline :-)

surviving myself said...

uh yes, Brooklyn!

Katelin said...

Have some fabulous cheesecake, because it's everywhere and it's delicious!

freeandflawed said...

I was lucky enough to go to MOMA on a Friday night, which was free night apparently. LOVED it! I also had a blast taking a ferry over to the Statue of Liberty.

I'd love to go back to NY. I was only there a couple of days and didn't get to a number of things on my list.

K said...

I think you said it all.. I would love to go there to view the SATC movie and go shoe shopping.

Sassy Molassy said...

Cupcakes at Magnolia Bakery! YUMM! Even if the line is around the block, trust me, it's worth it.