The Melodramatic Life & Times of Me


It’s only Tuesday and I am fucking exhausted.

My apologies for not having written lately. I remember not too long ago I was a spry, young blogger, anxious to post whenever and wherever I could. And while I am still itching to write, my bones have weakened and my spirit has been crushed under the inevitable adversity of life as a grown-up.

Ahh, it feels good to be melodramatic.

I didn’t write Sunday because I was busy having a fabulous day. I woke up early with the sun (literally) shining in my face, I had brunch at Cute Boy’s restaurant and when he got off work, we walked all around San Francisco in the glorious sunshine. Of course, I was wearing my mocs.

And yesterday, I didn’t write because I had a horrible, no good, very bad day. Suffice it to say, my life will be changing in a big way in a few short months (well, in a big way to ME – I’m melodramatic, remember?). I know I am being all cryptic and weird and altogether uninteresting if I don’t give you any more information, but you’ll know soon enough, so kick back and relax until then.

In other news, I am going home on Friday! Oh Sweet Caroline, I am so excited to go home! I wish I was bringing the Boy with me, but unfortunately he’s gotta work his corner (Church & Market) on weekends, so I’ll be off gallivanting in the southern California sunshine while he’s turning tricks. But at least by being home I can keep an eye on my mother and all the hoodlums out to put a cap in her ass. There will be NONE OF THAT while I’m around.

Oh and one more thing – I bought a new book on the wonderful day that was Sunday and its hil-freaking-arious. It’s called “Bitter is the New Black” and it’s the slightly-fictionalized memoir of a woman named Jen Lancaster, who was a self-proclaimed bitch who got was coming to her. But let’s just be honest, the bitch is funny. She makes me want to be a little bitchier…I’m just sayin’… I would’ve read the whole thing by now if I didn’t have a demanding job and a Cute Boy to pay attention to. So buy it. You won’t regret it.

Since my dream of being a professional blogger has yet to come to fruition, I must get back to my real, full-time, paying job. I’ve missed you all these past two days.

I promise to be better and all that jazz,
Brown Eyed Girl


Tia said...

you know what's so funny? jen lancaster just posted a blog about bringing the word "splendid" back.

you should check her out at