I'm Going Going Back Back to LA LA


I'm flying home to Los Angeles tomorrow !!!!


If I was really cool, I'd have a couple of you guest blog for me. I'd ask Maxie and Jamie, of course, since I stalk their own blogs so much and because they seem to be well-experienced guest bloggers. But I'd also of course have to ask Shar, because I think she is hilarious, Jess because she made this pretty blog and lots of other bloggers who, for now, will continue to remain in the dark as to how much I actually frequent their pages.

Not only am I not that cool, but I also:

A) will only be out of town for a few days, so I don't need as many guest bloggers as I would undoubtedly invite


B) even on my mini-vacay, I will probably still blog. i am just that cool.

I am almost done packing. And Cute Boy is in the living room watching Sister Act 2, waiting for me to stop straightening my hair and throwing mismatched clothes into my black, quilted duffel bag that I got for free by making a $25 purchase at Bath & Body Works...and pay attention to him.

Four days apart is rather hard for us. Don't you roll your eyes at me! He is really, really CUTE. So for now, I am off to get my four days worth of snuggle on.

See y'all on the flip side (aka LA !!)



Anonymous said...

i'd totally be down sometime!

Jamie Lovely said...

Next time, let me know. When I'm out or just feeling lazy, haha I'm gonna hit up for a guest post!

Have fun!

Betsey Booms said...

aww shucks. I'd be happy to guest blog anytime.

Maxie said...

I'm up for it any time hun!

and btw... totally heart Sister Act 2