Today Is Splendid Really


Well hello crazy blog reading kids.

I'm in a bit of a flop sweat with that lead in that a certain Brown Eyed Girl gave me. This green eyed girl isn't so sure that hilarity will ensue but I'll give it a shot.

While she is off living the fabulous life on the Sunny Coast, I'm here in the Midwest pushing my open toed shoes on 55 degree days. I'd call her a brat but really I like her too much. She's too fucking cute for me.

And I know she's working really hard.


Can I just tell you that this is the second time this week I was asked to guest blog? Of course I can tell you. You're kind of a captive audience or you can just click out of here and my unsusupecting ass will never the know the difference.

My mind is reeling at trying to comprehend that not only would someone read the crap I spew but now they want it on their blog too.

My little Brown Eyed Girl, I thought you had good taste. Really I did.

Seriously though. Two requests in one week blows me away. Although my other guest spot is an anonymous one which means I could be all ranty, bitchy, less than smiley and show my true colors in a faceless fashion.

Shut the fuck up! That? Is a dream like scenario for me folks.

I am cringing at my use of the F-Bomb on a blog that is not my own. I hope she doesn't hate me for it. But really? How could she?

This is rapidly turning into one of my not so famous posts that are about absolutely nothing.

So I will wrap up the nothingness with this little somethingness. BEG and I have something in common. We both work for boutique firms that do something along the lines of making other companies look really good publicly. There are certain perks involved in slaving away in a boutique atmosphere.

For me? It's being able to wear super cute clothes that don't come close to resembling a business suit. To hell with those straight jackets. Also? It's designer water with pretty lables. Some bottles are fizzy. Others aren't.

They never think twice if I order the pretty sticky notes or the fancy pens to make my handwriting look precious and girl-like.

And finally one really big perk is this. As you may know it's that time of year that I detest. Men's college basketball makes me violently ill. I try desperately to drown out the squeaking of their shoes, the dribble of the ball and that freaking annoying horn with cocktail after cocktail as my husband makes me watch the crap. It's not the game I hate, it's how it assaults my senses.


But my little boutiquey office plays the bracket every year. And! There are cash prizes. Momma loves her some cash.

While I picked Michigan to go all the way, WTF right? It's easy to pick the long shot when the prizes look like this:

1st place: $150
2nd: $125
3rd: $100
4th: $80
5th: $75
6th: $70
7th: $65
8th: $60
9th: $55
10th: $50
11th: $45
12th: $40
13th: $35
14th: $30
15th: $25
16th: $20
17th: $10
18th: $5
19th: $2
20th: $1
21st: $.01

It's only a dollar to play. So the worst I can do is lose 99 cents.

That's my kind of bet.

And since I'm the betting kind of girl today, I'm putting my money on you wanting this to end. So don't say I never gave you anything.

Thanks for playing along as I did a not so Splendid Really job of filling in for my cutie pie girl.

Happy Days.


Kat said...

You're adorable as usual.