Did you miss me?


So I am leaving for New York tomorrow.  My first big-girl business trip.  I am equal parts excited and nervous as hell, but I think it will be great.  And I am staying in the Hudson Hotel, so I can just get wasted every night in their famous bar if it doesn't.

I kid, I kid.  Kind of...

Anyways, I can't guarantee that I will post every day.  Not that I already guaranteed that, because if I did, I'd be giving all of you your money back. Or probably not...but I'd be apologizing profusely.

But I digress, since I am not sure I will post every day and I am sick and tired of my own lame ass not blogging consistently, I have gotten in touch with a few of my favorite bloggers to see if they'll take over the duties for this week.  Keep your fingers crossed because I am trying to set up a great lineup!  In fact, you probably won't want me to come back.

But whatever, you'll get over it.

In other news, I ran into my ex-boyfriend's best friend today as I was leaving work.

Shit got awk.

He was on his way to my ex-boyfriend's house where they were going to get drunk celebrating Saint Patrick together.  Actually, it could've been more awkward.  In fact, I am sure that it was the majority of the time, but overall he was completely splendid to me and treated me like the quasi-friends we used to be...which says a lot about him...and made me think that maybe we are all grown-ups after all.

I have this tendency to want to be friends with everyone, including my ex and his friends and anyone who has ever been hateful to me in my life, even if we didn't end on the best of terms (which we didn't).

I suppose I am just non-confrontational that way.

And I hate that my ex-boyfriend hates me, because really?  Who wants to be hated?  At one point in our relationship, we were really great friends - I wish I could hang on to that with every friendship of mine that's fallen by the wayside.

Oh blimey.  This post has gotten far too fucking depressing for my taste.  Besides, I'm almost certain that my ex and I will be friends again one day, because we were too good of friends for us not to be.  See? A little positivity to spice things up!

(And for the first time in my life, I am dating a Boy who would be entirely secure and okay with that.  Weird - the being friends with my ex part, not the positivity.)

And for what I hope is a long time to come, I will still have the best Cute Boy and the best friends a girl could ask for to make up for (and then some!) the friendships I've lost along the way.

That's all for tonight!  I'll see you lovelies in New York!


Betsey Booms said...

I sent you an email.

And I'm with you on wanting to be friends with everyone. I really should be choosier.

Maxie said...

I emailed ya back! Hope you got it :-)

and also I hate running into ex's friends. Like I just never know what to say.

CC said...

I'm leaving for NYC tomorrow too! :) So excited.